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Nano Needling

Duration : 60mins +

Price : $180


  • BB glow: It is a semi-permanent make-up treatment achieving glowing, radiant uneven skin tone.

  • Placenta serum: promote youthful skin, lighten pigmentation, increase skin firmness& reverse the sign of aging.

  • Skin repair serum : smooth and renewed skin, restores the skin structure, reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

  • Whitening ampoule: Provides immediate whitening and moisturisation effects highlighting the natural glow of your skin.

    Extra neck $55



(Tiếng Việt)

  • Cấy tinh chất trắng da

  • Cấy tinh chất trắng + collagen.

  • BB Glow cấy phấn lên da.

  • Cấy tinh chất trẻ hoá da (placenta)

    Thêm cổ $55

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